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You have had your very personal patch embroidered in our online shop and now need a matching piece of clothing to set it appealingly in scene? Also in this case we can help you. Because with us you can not only embroider individual badges and have patches made, but also order textiles in various variations, colors and sizes. Our textile assortment ranges from T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hooded vests to jerseys, jackets and bags. There is also the right garment for you! ...go on
sewing on of patches / patches

sewing service

Have you already had your desired patch embroidered by us and have you already chosen a specific polo shirt, t-shirt, jersey, sweatshirt or a special hooded vest, jacket or bag to be fitted with it from our wide range of textiles? Then simply save yourself the tedious work of sewing it on yourself and make use of our practical sewing service. No matter if badge embroidery or another patch motif - we sew your individual patch exactly according to your wishes and ideas on the garment selected by you. ...go on
warehouse service

warehouse service

Do you, for example, have a regular need for further individual patches for your company or club, designed according to your wishes, but no possibility to store them, due to new employees or new club members? Also in this case we offer you the suitable service with our warehouse service. Because with us you have the possibility to have your articles, which you do not need at present, professionally stored. If there is renewed demand, we will immediately send you the required quantities. In this way you can save valuable storage space. ...go on

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