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Club badge for jerseys.

Club badge for sportswear. The "big clubs" show it off! Now this is also possible for your club / division. Because we embroider patches already from 10 pieces. We provide you an individual patch with your coat of arms.club badgeYou have the possibility to match the colours of the patch exactly to your club colours. The embroidery program creation is free of charge with us, we only need the template as a photo, file, sketch, drawing or a template of your old club badge. You have the possibility to get your patch with an additional option, such as ironing surface, plastic for reinforcement, Velcro 1-piece, 2-piece, and adhesive surface.

We embroider emblems for all clubs, whether football, basketball, handball, darts, ice hockey, volleyball, tennis, rugby, baseball, golf, karate, judo, fishing or table tennis.