The production of embroidered patches is and remains a matter of trust !

After all, it's about her motif and its conversion into an embroidered patch.
The quality of the patches depends on the processed material such as yarn and substrate.
the fabric. But decisive for the quality and the "perfect" result is the production of the embroidery file. This ultimately determines the quality of the patches.
Different embroidery types and directions can make your motif "alive", because this is the only way the yarn can interact with the light. In the process of creating embroidery files (punches), the wheat is literally separated from the chaff. We attach great importance to: 1. converting your pattern into an embroidery file,
2. use of the best materials, 4. availability (by telephone and e-mail) and 5. service and advice.
Because every order is unique for us.
We convince through price, service and quality.
After the embroidery file has been created, we make a production sample. This is photographed and archived after release. Therefore you will of course receive an original embroidery of your patch as a photo by e-mail for approval after placing the order. Here you can check the colors text and quality. Only when you are satisfied do we go into production. We create an embroidery file from each template and save it so that repeat orders can be executed in the same quality!
You can send us originals, vector graphics, image files, photos or drawings. The large selection of yarn colours and base fabrics (so called body fabric) enables us to produce patches very close to the original colour. For a better understanding of our work below some of our implemented patches from various templates. Decide for yourself!

1. working example -from a graphic to a patch-

From a so-called vector graphic (graphic converted into strokes and drawing paths) to a perfectly embroidered patch. Here you can see how important the embroidery file is, as it contributes decisively to the quality of the result.Example for the production of patches. From the template via the embroidery file to the embroidered patch

2. working example -from a drawing to a patch-

We also convert drawn patterns into embroidered patches. This is always a special challenge that we are happy to face. So if you are not familiar with graphic programs or just like to draw, we are your contact. We can also transform monochrome sketches into coloured embroideries according to your specifications.from a drawing to an embroidery badge

3. working example -from a file to a patch-

Relisation of a patch from an image file. Since we also offer contour-cut patches, an exact implementation (without embroidering your motif in a given shape such as a rectangle or a circle) is no problem.from a picture file to patch embroidered contour

Example 4: From a picture to a patch

A wonderful example of creating an embroidery file from a photorealistic image and converting it into an embroidered patch with a classic label edge. Special features here are the embroidered course, the details and the different colors.Photorealistic implementation of an embroidered patch

Example 5: From a logo to a patch

The classic. Precise implementation is especially important for logos. Companies, businesses and self-employed people attach great importance to the quality and colours of their patches. After all, you have thought up a logo and a company name yourself or had it designed by a graphic designer or an agency. With us you are in good hands when it comes to the realisation of your logo in an embroidery file and in an embroidered patch of your company logo.Detailed implementation of a logo as an embroidery patch

Example 6: From a badge to a patch

To have patches made for an event or a special occasion as a memento is becoming more and more popular. Also these patches or badges we convert embroidery-technically and original-faithfully. Such patches are gladly collected and serve the memory. So what do you do for your next event?Badge for boy scouts as patches

Example 7: From a photomontage to a patch

Especially in this example you can see the different embroidery directions and embroidery types very well. The implementation of such templates requires particular accuracy and expertise. We also offer these patches with velcro on both sides. Ideal for special units, Bundeswehr and task forces.
We will be happy to advise you.round embroidered patch with velcro backing

Example 8: From a graphic template to a patch

We have realized this patch from a professionally created graphic template. Pay attention to the details and keep in mind that the patch is only 9cm wide. Also here you can see how important the creation of a good embroidery file is. You'll get a taste for Christmas again. Or is it?Implementation of a professionally created graphic to the patch

9. working example: From a pattern to a woven patch

Due to the fine details, we have produced this motif as a woven patch with a warp edge. Woven patches are particularly suitable for motifs with very fine details or small fonts. Furthermore it is softer than a classic patch. Please note that we can only realize this process with a minimum quantity of 100 pieces. Velcro is also possible.Woven patch with warp edge.

Example 10: From a band logo to a patch

We used a scanned sticker as a template. Patches are especially suitable for bands in the merchandising sector. The low production costs and the maximum application possibilities make patches so attractive for bands, music groups and choirs. What more could you ask for? The fans will thank you! Patch for iron-on tape

You're still not convinced? Then have a look at our Gallery/Showroom. There you will find all possible examples of our patches sorted by categories from Bands & Music, Fire department badge via Carnival Badge and Motorcycle Patchers up to embroidered key rings and Association badge / Association coat of arms.